Cancer Prevention

1. Energy of the environment

The subtle "feeling" of a home can be felt by anyone outside that may enter. The occupants have become so accustomed to the un- spoken words, the fine lines of separation, the "trigger" areas, the tense corners and the coolness of stagnant emotions that only a "big" change is noticed. And cancer is a "big" red flag.

Recognize the power of the spoken word and choose the words more carefully. Be mindful of what is being created in the atmosphere with feelings expressed. Help to dissipate anger, apologize without force or prodding, state the positive of everything in the home, live with honor to yourself and others and above all, know that it all is temporary. Express love, receive love - and be in joy.

2. Mirror of dis-ease

A loved one, whether animal or human, may develop similar signs and symptoms of the person that is in dis-ease and is diseased.

This is a loving act in an attempt to "heal" the person and can be manifested only on the emotional level, on the physical level or on both levels. The disease process usually mimics the owner's progress very closely and many times, is discovered in the animal before it is noticed in the human.

3. Toxins

4. Water

5. Building blocks