Holistic Cancer Treatment
Holistic Cancer Treatment

The holistic approach, in Dr. De Grasse's opinion, for cancer treatment includes the following modalities and considerations:


~~Holistic Cancer Treatment:

The following are considerations, in Dr. De Grasse's opinion, to be of vital importance in the approach to healing.

1.   Water quality - the purer, the better.

2.   Amount of toxins or allergens in the animal's food.

3.   Source of protein for the animal - the cleanest and most un-processed protein is the building block of tissue growth.

4.   Supplemental support

5.   Attack of the parasites.

6.   The toxic environment - household cleaners, yard products, laundry  substances, odor maskers

7.   Learn the effects of the medications you choose.

8.   Emotional support.

9.   Spiritual support.

10.  Energy balancing such as bio- mats, acupuncture or "earthing".

11.  Immune stimulation and support such as laser therapy.

12.  Bowel, liver and kidney cleanses.

13.  Sound therapy such as crystal bowl therapy.

14.  Magnetic therapy.

15.  The quantum thought - the participants affect the reality.

16.  The forgiveness path to healing.

17.  Alkalinize -  the single most important factor to physical health.

All modalities and approaches are considered on an individual basis. Each individual program is integrated and evaluated per the needs of the animal and its owner.