Specialty Programs:

    The Paralyzed Animal (Partial or Complete)
    Reverse the Mega-esophagus
    The Anti- Wobblers program
    The Holistic Allergy approach
    Physical Rehabilitation
    Holistic Cancer Therapy
    Holistic Bowel Program
    Animal Massage

Services offered to our clients:

    Therapeutic ultrasound
    Heat therapy
    Massage therapy and trigger point therapy
    Traction techniques for the lay person (class taught privately)
    "Reconnection" light energy work
    Private board and care
    Rehabilitative care for the paralyzed animal
    Parasite treatment (holistic) based on Dr. Hulda Clark's recommendations
    Cancer and anti- cancer protocols based on Dr. Hulda Clark's recommendations
    Sound therapy ( ancient therapy using crystal bowls)
    Magnetic therapy
    Spinal screening consultation
    Radiology review and consultation
    "OFA" screening exams for the canine
    Conception difficulties consultation
    Animal communication
    Chiropractic care
    Acupuncture referral