and other Intestinal Disorders

Dr. De Grasse has found a direct correlation between a spinal misalignment in the region of the stomach and/or bowel of the spinal column and the incidence of colic, bloat and other intestinal disorders such as constipation or vomiting. It has been interesting to note that even after an animal has had intestinal surgery to correct a "bloat" condition, the spinal misalignment along the spinal column is still present until it is removed with chiropractic care. Dr. De Grasse has not found an animal that had a condition of colic or bloat present without a spinal misalignment in the stomach or bowel region. Of course, this observation can only be limited to the animals that are seen within her individual practice.

It is also interesting to note that the young human infant that presents with colic has the same spinal misalignment issue, in the same spinal region, as the animal. It is Dr. De Grasse's opinion that many conditions of colic or bloat can be prevented with chiropractic spinal screening and preventative care.