Doctor's Profile:

Jacqueline De Grasse is a 1992 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic with research honors, located in Davenport, Iowa. Concurrently, she also studied animal chiropractic through the AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association). She performed research on the equine and canine spinal columns and is responsible for the first articulated canine spine that was available to the AVCA student for learning chiropractic techniques.

Prior to entering chiropractic school, Dr. De Grasse was a registered nurse for 11 1/2 years in critical care nursing. Her specialities within the nursing field included coronary intensive care and neonatal intensive care.

Dr. De Grasse was also an administrator of the genito-urinary complex at Los Angeles County - USC Medical Center. It was during these nursing years that she experienced her first paralyzed animal and the inability, at the time, to find any treatment for her pet. Thus began her vow to make a change in the holistic care of the animal!

Veterinary Affiliations:

Dr. De Grasse accepts referrals from all veterinary doctors and is most closely affiliated with Loma Linda Animal Hospital. There is an established protocol including xrays, medications to reduce swelling and pain, medication to reduce muscle spasms, prophylactic antibiotics for the paralyzed animal and various levels of anesthesia for chiropractic care - as needed. Loma Linda Animal Hospital also works very closely with Dr. De Grasse to provide emergency care, in a very timely manner, to ensure that pressure is removed from the spinal nerve or cord as soon as possible.

Options of care are always discussed and MRI's and surgical referrals are always made, when indicated or desired. It is the creed of Loma Linda Animal Hospital and Dr De Grasse to "do no harm' and to provide the most comprehensive care available.

It is with my deepest respect and gratitude that I am affiliated with Loma Linda Animal Hospital. The hospital's veterinarian, Dr. "Sig", has worked closely with me to develop protocols for my animal chiropractic care. These protocols have enabled us to "raise the bar" of holistic options for animals and we continue to have "little miracles" on a frequent basis.