The Chiropractic Adjustment

Hand versus Instrument

There are many techniques that chiropractors may use to deliver an adjustment to the animal's spine but Dr. De Grasse feels that the techniques that utilize the hand are far superior than the techniques using instruments. The hand is able to give so much information regarding the animal's muscle tone (the presence of muscle spasm), temperature, the metabolic state, the emotional state, the positioning of the bone and most importantly, the response of the bone to the applied pressure of the hand. All of this information can help the chiropractor to know how deep to make the adjustment and how much force to deliver. This information can make a big difference in the tolerance of the animal to allow the chiropractor to work. Dr. De Grasse feels that this is the critical key in working with animals! The rapport that can be established between the animal and the doctor can afford a great trust upon the animal's behalf. This trust can facilitate further healing as the animal relaxes in the presence of the chiropractor.

The instrument lacks the ability to provide the wealth of information gathered from the hand back to the doctor. And above all, Dr. De Grasse feels that there is an additional advantage with using the hand to make the chiropractic adjustment - the loving touch of another living being! Dr. De Grasse feels that instrumental adjustments are better than nothing at all but the results may not be as predictable or as lasting. It is up to the animal's owner to evaluate the chiropractor and the animal's response to the given therapy.