The Loving Touch
Dr. De Grasse was trained in the "Reconnection" light energy work taught by Dr. Eric Pearl. However, her work has taken on its own growth. The energy work is complimentary and has been an effective assistance in many healings. All energy work is done in conjunction with the other modalities performed in Dr. De Grasse's clinics.

While Dr. De Grasse works on a client's animal, the client is always in attendance and is able to feel the energy work while it is being administered. The behaviors of the animals become very calm and many of the animals seem to "lean" into the energy or are able to sense that "something different" is going on when it is administered.

Dr. De Grasse also offers to teach the animal's owner how to administer their own "loving touch" energy work. For a schedule of classes or desires to be taught privately, please contact the doctor at the main clinic at (909) 425-8849.