Reverse the Mega-esophagus

Dr. De Grasse has been able to reverse three medically documented mega-esophagus in the very young puppy. The three dogs were a Golden Retriever, a Saint Bernard and a Doberman Pinscher. All conditions are fully documented with xrays and barium swallow exams. The reason that some mega-esophagus is able to be reversed is as follows:

Mega-esophagus has two origins. The first is a congenital condition where the nerves are absent within the wall of the esophagus. The second condition is a pinching of the nerves to the esophagus. This pinching can be a result of a trauma or twisting within the womb, trauma due to a difficult birth or trauma after birth - such as an accidental step upon the neck from the mother.

The presence of the nerves within the wall of the esophagus can only be determined with a biopsy but as a certain percentage of animals have the nerves present but are suffering from nerve impingement - what do we have to loose? Dr. De Grasse feels that the animal has a 50/50 chance of survival and improvement is seen within three days, usually. Once the impingement is released and proper alignment is maintained - the animal grows into the enlarged esophagus by the age of six months, approximately. Of the three dogs that presented with this condition, none has had any further complications and continues to thrive.

It is most important to note that chiropractic work upon a mega-esophagus is "cutting edge" work and will not be recognized as an appropriate therapy by your veterinarian. This attitude is only from a lack of knowledge.