Patient Testimonials
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From: Debbie Lowell

Hi Dr. DeGrasse,

This took awhile, but we are finally sending you a picture of "Lobo." If you'll remember, he was paralyzed due to a neck injury. You said he was animal number 199 that you had helped.

He's doing dine now. He still drags his left front paw when walking and his left front leg seems weak. He walks and even runs, but fatigues quickly. Our walks are much shorter now and we don't go for the two miles runs, but he as a quality life.

Thanks again for your help.

Bruce and Carmen Coulter

Dear Dr. DeGrasse,

There are not enough words in the English languare to express our gratitude for your incredible treatment of Rerun, our 9 year old Dalmation. When we brought Rerun to you the first time, he had a severe compression in his neck area and was in so much pain that he could not walk. Our vet offered ud little hope other than to try anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxers and hope for the best. Since 6 months earlier we hade lost our 14-year-old cockapoo to a similar injury, we knew the prognosis was bleak. I will never forget eht day we brought him in for his "major" adjustment, under sedation. He had to be carried into the clinic. When I returned just a couple hours later, after your first adjustment of him, not only did he walk out of that clinic but also he jumped into my car!!! As you know, that wasn't the only treatment Rerun has received, but it was the beginning of a path you helped us take to complete recovrey but also to a new level of well being he could never havre enjoyed without you!!!

We all 3 thank you and thank God for you!!!
Sharon Fleming
Moreno Valley, CA

September 19, 2002

Dear Dr. Prescott,

I would like you to have an update on Chloe. No doubt you received some information from Dr. Kurosky. Whatever you received from her is only part of the story. Because of Chloe's fever I agreed to additional testing. However I did discuss the possibility of Chiropractic with her. My concern was not only the fever but also her increased difficulty in walking. She was always better in the A.M. and increasingly worse as the day progresssed. On Saturday Dr. Kurosky became alarmed about her inability to move without pain and additional x-rays were taken.

On Monday, Dr. Kurosky said that the temp. was down for two days and Chloe was able to walk to her and I could take her home. It was painful for Chloe to walk to the car. She was lifted in and also out. She wouldn't lay down on her pillow and let out a scream when I helped her. She also moaned and yelped while lying down. Again her temp went up over 105. It was blatantly clear to me that the fever was related to the pain which increased with any amount of movement.

On Tuesday, I took her to Dr. De Grasse who saw her at Loma Linda Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarian tranquilized her and Dr. De Grasse adjusted her neck (as had been done when she was 10 months old.) I picked her up at 5:00 P.M. and I had a totally new dog. Onmce again.....unbelievable results. She has not had an elevated temp since, and is a happy activer dog. She will be followed up to,orrow for the second time.

Hopefully, from this experience I will myself to follow my gut instincts before I allow her to go through such an ordeal agtain ane before I spend over $3000. Without question I am very happy to have a well dog again.

Needless to say, I will no longer use anything on her neck including a pinch collar. My next challenge is to develop an obedient dog in a harness!

I really think it is important for yu to have this information so that the "picture" is complete and that is becomes part of Chloe's file.

Margaret Klecker

Dear Dr. DeGrasse,

My entire family would like to thank you for all of the help you've given to our cat Precious. The veterinarian left us with little hope for any recovery and Precious was only able to move her lower extremities with the use of steroids. Thanks to your treatment of sedation, tractioning, and regular maintenance adjustments she has been able to move freely with no drugs for over one year! Your holistic treatments were also helpful when Precious had problems with a parasite called Giardia. We are so grateful to you. Precious would not be as healty and happy if we hadn't found you. In fact, she probably would not be with us at all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jeff & Becky Teel
Amanda & David Manzano